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Confessions of a Stockaholic January 22, 2011

Apparently, I’m addicted to stock.  So much so, that I’ll plan several meals around a roasted chicken, every week,  just so that I can have the carcass to make stock.  I’ve used my homemade stock a lot lately – to make soup, to cook rice in, for my oven paella.  Last night I just had a cup of stock before bed.  I know that sounds strange, but it’s like having a cup of soup, just with nothing else in it.  And it is so much better than the chicken noodle, chicken with rice, chicken with stars, or whatever else comes in the red and white can, and it is a lot less salty.  There is something very gratifying about making something delicious from what many folks discard, the leftover bones, skin, vegetables that might be losing their crispness, and herbs from the garden.

So, I roasted a Smith and Smith farms chicken, seasoned with Piri-Piri Spice from Savory Spice Shop on Sixth Street.  Piri Piri is a blens of Pequin chiles, Spanish paprika, salt, lemon peel, garlic and Greek oregano.


Piri-Piri Chicken


For dinner, I also roasted some Boggy Creek Farms potatoes, and smashed them with a little Way Back When Butter, and CKC Farms Herbed Chevre, salt and pepper.  I wilted some Springfield Farms  spinach and topped it with some parmesan.


Chicken dinner


I normally prefer the white meat, but I had plans for most of this chicken, so I had a leg and thigh.  I reserved the rest of the meat for soup, and chicken salad for the weekend.

Then I commenced the stock.  I put the chicken carcass in a large pot with carrots, garlic, some onion, salt, a bay leaf  (my bay tree is nearly naked), some thyme, and sage from the garden.


Starting the stock

Four hours later, and it had reduced to less than half.  I strained it, discarded the remnants, and put the large jar of stock in the fridge.  I started writing this post yesterday morning.  Last night, I made chicken noodle soup, with the stock, some Sweetish Hill dried pasta, and leftover chicken.  Delicious, hearty and so simple.  I can’t wait to have leeks to put in my stock.  I guess I should get them in the ground.



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