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Mid-Winter in an Austin Urban Garden January 16, 2011

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It is the middle of winter, or not even, and there is lots of winter left.  I’m missing the sunshine the last few days, but am always glad for the rain.  After being neglected the almost 2 weeks my dad was in the hospital, then being covered for 3 days of freeze, I’m surprised the garden has as much to offer as it does right now.

There is lots of lettuce, several varieties and they are ready to be eaten.

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Mesclun Mix

Patience finally paid off and 1 cabbage head started to emerge.


The strawberries are chilling out, establishing their hearty root systems, and coasting until Spring.

Strawberry Patch with some lettuce volunteers

The slower varieties of broccoli are just starting to show their crowns.

Broccoli Crown emerging

The onions and garlic are still chugging right along.

Garlic and Onions

The wider leaved garlic, a gift from Skip at Green Gate Farms,  was planted several weeks before the onions.

Lots of onions

Both side beds are dedicated to garlic and onions. If all goes well, this will provide enough onions to get me through three quarters of a year.  They last a long time, if stored properly.

There is one remaining bok choi.  I’ve been sharing these with friends and neighbors.

Bok Choi

It really isn’t any fun gardening in the rainy cold, although I did manage to spread some lettuce seeds between showers.  As soon as we get a break from the rain, and perhaps some sun, I’ll be anxious to get the leeks in the ground.

Lancelot Leeks

I intend to plant the potatoes next weekend.  Most of the nurseries will have seed potatoes now or in the next couple of weeks.

Happy gardening!


7 Responses to “Mid-Winter in an Austin Urban Garden”

  1. very inspiring..I’ll forward on to my condo clients who are looking for raised bed gardening! thanks

  2. I was lazy and didn’t even cover my lettuce mix and arugula for the cold nights, and amazingly they’re fine. The hoops at the ends of each of your beds are a great idea for covering. I’ll have to set that up in my little garden.

  3. chileylimon Says:

    Great seeing you yesterday! Let’s talk about seed exchange soon. the new URL for my blog is, check it out and tell me what you think!

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