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Farmer’s Market Food Day January 15, 2011

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For breakfast I shared a breakfast pizza from Bola Pizza with my friend Jenna from Edible Austin.  I ate most of it.  It was cold, rainy and not so much fun to be outside.  After the market, I ran some errands then came home to warm up to a cozy fire.  Later a friend showed up for a glass of wine, and it seemed reasonable to cook dinner, although I had no plan.  I did have fresh from the Gulf shrimp from San Miguel Seafood from the market, some garden cilantro and garlic red chile cilantro pasta from my Better Bites basket win a month ago.  The pasta is from Gourmet Texas Pasta, which is made locally and sold at the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market.  So, I boiled up some water, cleaned some shrimp, and cut up a tomato.  I sauteed the tomato and shrimp in Way Back When Dairy butter and Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil, then when the pasta was ready, poured  a bit of Way Back When Cream into the tomato, shrimp sautee, and topped it with the fresh cilantro.  I spooned it over the pasta then topped it with some real parmigiano reggiano from Antonelli’s Cheese, a concession to my eat local plan.   This dinner was just tossed together in 15 minutes and it was pretty dang good for a “throw together” dinner with no plan.

Shrimp and Pasta dinner


2 Responses to “Farmer’s Market Food Day”

  1. Yvetta Says:

    The pasta has such a visual appeal, and the flavor combination sounds mommy. How did the whole wheat fare with the shrimp?

    • Hey Yvetta, I’m glad you asked, because it didn’t taste like whole wheat pasta at all. I just pulled out the label, and it was Red Chile and Cilantro, thus no wheat heaviness. I think I assumed that since it was so dark looking it was whole wheat, but nope! Perhaps all the color was from cilantro. Thanks for asking, because I’ve edited the post now. And as always, thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon.

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