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Farmer’s Market Find, Milagro Farm Eggs January 12, 2011

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Over the course of years of shopping at the SFC Farmer’s Markets, downtown, and the Triangle, I have formed friendships with many of the farmers.  Chris Olsen  of Milagro Farms, is easy to spot, as he is very tall with long blond hair, pulled back and an easy smile.  My first memory of his market produce is  green garlic and of course his fabulous onions.  He grows the biggest onions I’ve ever seen, and lots of them.   He has always been gracious and generous enough to advise me on my own onion growing.   He’s been planting more and more, which is a testament to the growing needs of the community, and  his offerings have expanded to wonderful tomatoes and peppers.  This picture was taken mid-December.  He was able to extend the tomato season by picking tomatoes prior to the first freeze and had tomatoes until just a few weeks ago.

Peppers and Tomatoes

Milagro Farmstand

One of my most recent discoveries about Milagro Farms is their eggs.  I have tried just about all of the eggs offered at the farmer’s markets and thought I had a favorite until I tried Milagro Farm’s eggs.  When I asked Chris why his eggs were so good, he spoke so passionately about his chickens, and the care he takes in feeding them the perfect diet.  The yolks are a glorious rich orangy, yellow, and the flavor is amazing.  It is hard to imagine that an egg could taste much different from another egg, but these do, in my opinion.

Milagro Farms Eggs

Milagro Farm

504 Bartsch Ln., Red Rock, TX 78662

2 Responses to “Farmer’s Market Find, Milagro Farm Eggs”

  1. Elyse Says:

    That is sooo funny, I used to date Kris!!! (when he lived in California). He’s a great guy and a great farmer. We miss him at the farmers market here. 🙂

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