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Spicing it up with Jerk Pork January 11, 2011

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I’m actually doing better at breakfast lately, having an abundance of Tangerines and Strawberries from the SFC FArmer’s Market on Wednesdays.  Tangerine juice is delicious.

I pre-cooked several meals for my parents to re-heat upon return from dad’s hospital stay.  Last night I cooked for myself.  I had some Richardson Farms pork chops from the farmer’s market Saturday.


Richardson Farms Pork chops


I wanted to try my Jerk Seasoning from Savory Spice on Sixth, so I used that liberally.  For added heat and flavor, I chopped up some jalapenos and green onions, and tossed those in.  Acid is always helpful, so I also poured in a little of the aforementioned tangerine juice and stuck the dish in a 350 degree oven.  I made some Lowell Farms Brown Jasmine Rice, and sauteed some Springfield Farms spinach in a little butter.


Pork chop dinner

This looks like a crazy amount of food, but the chop was much smaller once I removed the bone.  I was happy with dinner, although I could have been less heavy handed with the jerk seasoning.  The garnish is parsley from a plant right outside my back door.  It is now covered for the impending freeze.


I still haven’t had any reason to go to the grocery store, and I can’t think of what I might need to go for.  I have everything I need.


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