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Time to Plant Potatoes Soon January 3, 2011

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I don’t mean to stress anyone out, but potato planting day is fast approaching.  I’ve been quizzing the local farmers about when they are going to plant potatoes again.  Potatoes are easy to grow, and I’ve had some good luck with them. (I’ve also had some failures, but why dwell?)  While some folks are waiting until February, two local farmers are planting their potatoes mid to late January.  I picked up some new potatoes from Johnson’s Backyard Garden on Saturday, put them in a brown paper bag in a cool dry place.  (my pantry)  Hopefully they will sprout a bit in the next two to three weeks and I’ll have a little time to prepare the bed into which they will go.  To hedge my bets, I’ll also look for seed potatoes at the local nurseries.  Natural Gardener usually has them.

Grow some spuds!


Red Lasodas


I’ve been preparing them lately by roasting them in olive oil, then smashing them, skin on, with a little butter and CKC Farms Herbed Chevre.  They are delicious this way.



10 Responses to “Time to Plant Potatoes Soon”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Yes! Love potato planting time! I stopped by NG Sunday and they said to look for their seed potatoes in about 2-3 weeks.

  2. What are you doing to prepare the soil? Did I ever mention to you my grandfather’s old-world method of growing potatoes?

    • Turning mulch into it, loosening it up and maybe some cottonseed meal. Do tell, I’d love to hear your grandfather’s old -world method. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year Marc!

      • Well, I was looking for my mom’s description of it… this was all before my time. But essentially he grew them in Fall leaf piles. As the potatoes got bigger he simply mounded more leaves around them. When it came time to harvest, he simply pulled the whole string of potatoes out of the leaves, clean and free of dirt. No digging! I”ve asked her for more details, like what time of year he did this, etc.

  3. […] I read over at Carla’s blog, Natural Gardener will have seed potatoes in 2-3 weeks. I think I may try this since I’m not […]

  4. Hah! The ping beat me to it. But here’s more or less what my mom originally described to me:

    • That looks interesting. I’ve mounded before, but not with any consistency. Maybe I’ll try that this time. I’ve been loving the garden potatoes lots, so I want to grow more. Thanks for the info!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I just found your blog. Amazing. I live north of you by 2 hours so Close enough I need to think about my potatoes as well. Look forward to following your blog.

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