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The Egg Came First January 3, 2011

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I’m accustomed to reporting my meals, so for breakfast, a piece of amazing quiche, made for us by my friend Rachelle, with Salt and Time  Lonzino on top, and a gluten free crust.  I’m still amazed at the crust and the quiche was delicious and greatly appreciated.


The Gift of Quiche

I’m trying to cook for my mom and aunt while my father is in the hospital. This has taken some planning, but I’ve learned a lot in the past year.  I had thawed a Smith and Smith Farms chicken for dinner.  We had a little jaunt out to Con’ Olio and Barnes and Noble in the Arborteum.  I picked up some Tuscan Herbed Olive Oil, and some Mushroom and Sage Olive Oil, and several cookbooks.


I brushed the chicken with Tuscan Herbed Olive Oil and baked it in the oven.  I sauteed some Kitchen Pride Mushrooms from the farmer’s market with some amazing huge green onions from Springdale Farm, and garden cilantro.  I tossed those in with some Lowell Farms rice and with some leftover salad, we called it dinner.


4 Responses to “The Egg Came First”

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the gluten-free quiche! I really enjoyed making it for you and it was great to drop it off! Great pic too!

  2. It was perfect and I’m still amazed at the crust!

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  4. […] Carla Crownover (@Gardens123 & Austin Urban Gardens) […]

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