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No Grocery Store for a Year – Last 2 Days January 1, 2011

The last few days certainly didn’t happen as I’d expected, but I did my best.  Friday, the day following my dad’s surgery, I had Kocurek Czech Bacon for breakfast.  I had to take my mom South for a hair appointment, and picked up lunch (and a snack) at La Boite to take to the hospital.  So, for lunch I had half a chicken salad sandwich, and a bite of one of Barrie Cullinan’s fabulous almond croissants.  Delicious.  I’m not sure if Barrie makes the bread for La Boite’s sandwiches, but I know they buy local and organic products, so I was happy.

I was able to sneak a hour of friend time in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve and met some folks at Black Star Co-op for a beer and some English Chips a/k/a garlic french fries.  Very cool place, and it was so nice to see friends.

By dinner time, we were so dang worn out, we didn’t know what to do.  I defrosted some ribeye steaks from my parents’ freezer, (from Omaha Steaks), and brought over some Boggy Creek Farms new potatoes, and farmer’s market lettuce.  I cooked the steaks on the grill, made a lettuce, Springdale Farms green onions, and Milagro Farms tomato, salad,  and roasted the potatoes in the oven.  I smashed the potatoes with salt, pepper, CKC Herbed Chevre and butter.  Dinner.  Not totally local, but the best I could do given the circumstances.


Steak Dinner


Actually, I think Friday was the last day, but I’ve lost track.  Breakfast Saturday, was a slice of Kocurek Czech Bacon.  I was able to go to the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market and the SFC Market downtown early, before spending the day at the hospital.  We left for lunch and drove out to Jack Allen’s.  I had the poblano burger and sweet potato fries and it was delicious.  I had purchased the Black-eyed Pea Cassoulet from Kocurek Family Charcuterie, and had some of their Rabbit Pies in the freezer, so for dinner a la Kocurek Family, we had the Cassoulet, Rabbit Pie, and salad.


Casoulet, Rabbit Pie, and Salad


The Rabbit Pie is more delicious than the photo does justice.  The crust is amazing.


Rabbit Pie


Think grown up, gourmet chicken pot pie, only really delicious, all local and, and with rabbit.

Trying to plan the next couple of days of local meals for my mom and aunt, but I’m dog tired.  I’m very much looking forward to lots of good, fun and delicious things in 2011.  Can’t wait to get back to my normal schedule which doesn’t include spending the day at the hospital.  Very soon.  Happy 2011!


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