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It’s Time to Plant Bare Root Blackberries December 28, 2010

Blackberries are very easy to grow, and it is time to plant them.  The come “bare-root”, and can be found sitting in sandboxes at the front of Natural Gardener.  Two years ago, I planted two Kiowa blackberries.  The descriptor for this variety says “extremely large fruit and formidable thorns.  Excellent flavor.”  I can attest to both the flavor and the thorns.  I planted one plant in the corner of the yard next to a fence and literally left it alone.  It got watered with the yard, but no extra.  The second one, I planted in a pot.  It also produced well, but hasn’t flourished as much.  Expect full fruit the second year after planting.

Last week, I went to the Natural Gardener, to add to my Blackberry crop.  This time, I bought Roseborough, a variety that is disease resistant, with large fruit and delicious juicy flavor.  No word on the thorns.


Blackberry plants


I think $3.99 for one plant is a terrific deal, considering the volume of blackberries each plant produces and should continue producing.

I love how the plant starts to turn purple in the winter, creating a visual image of what will come in the Spring.  Nature rocks like that.


Leaves turning the color of the fruit




9 Responses to “It’s Time to Plant Bare Root Blackberries”

  1. Carla: Thank you for this blog post! I love blackberry’s and am excited to swing over to the Natural Gardner and pick up a plant. . that is such a great cost! Can I plant in a pot (I have a very large pot) vs. planting in the ground?

  2. What about bare-leaf dewberries? That’s what I’m calling the little sprig I got at the spring (SPRING) Wildflower Center sale…and never planted! I’m hoping the roots are still alive….

  3. Robert R Says:

    The Kiowa and Roseborough are great blackberry varieties….but why have you not tried the new THORNLESS ones…?????

    Ouachita and Natchez should produce great in the Austin area. Just imagine, not having to get stuck while enjoying great BLACKBERRIES…!!

    More info here on the web:

    PS: I just planted 16 of the above plants today…!


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