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No Grocery Store Challenge, 6 more days December 27, 2010

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Sunday after Christmas, I returned to my Sunday Migas ritual, having scored some of the crack tortilla chips from the mini Barton Creek Farmer’s Market on Friday, for that purpose.  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to keep my hands out of that bag.  So, migas for brunch with Smith and Smith Farms eggs, Milagro tomatoes, garden serranos, crack chips, and dona green sauce from Taco Deli.  You can guess one of the three things that are always in my fridge, which will appear in “What’s in Your Fridge Friday” in the Statesman this Friday, 1/31/10.  Because you know, already.

A dear friend, sensing my need for some fun, suggested we have some champagne at the Four Seasons in the afternoon.  So, we did, and we had queso, chips and guacamole, too.

After slow cooking a grass-fed chuck roast with potatoes, onions  and carrots for my parents all day, I made for myself, a Thunderheart Bison Filet, and smashed Boggy Creek Farms new potatoes with the last of my homemade butter, and CKC Farms Herbed Chevre.  I was too lazy/tired to make anything else.


Bison and Potatoes

I find the best way to cook tenderloin, is to quickly seer it in a cast iron skillet, then place the whole skillet in a 400 degree oven.  I was already roasting the potatoes in the  oven, so everything came out together.  I smashed the potatoes while the steak rested, picked some parsley from the patio herb garden and the whole thing was done.  I may never want potatoes any other way again, and I’m thinking Chevre is much better for you than sour cream, so win/win.



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