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No Grocery Store Challenge, 5 more days December 27, 2010

Today, Monday, I had about an ounce of Full Quiver Cheddar for breakfast.  I decided that since we were nearing the end of the year, I should attempt to make bread again., from my Richardson Farms Whole Wheat flour, and the gifted locally milled flour from Waco.   I found a recipe using 5 cups “bread flour” which I don’t have, and 3 cups whole wheat flour, which I have, but it is very rough and dense compared to commercial flour.  Fingers crossed.  I followed the recipe, but knew immediately that my dough wasn’t rising to the extent the recipe indicated.


Dense dough


It looked pretty dense and craggy, compared to what I knew it should look like.  Being the winter, baking romantic that I am, I set it in front of the fireplace to rise.


Bread rising in front of a roaring fire


It rose some, and I divided it up into two loaves and three hamburger buns.

The loaves looked decent when removed from the oven, albeit unevenly divided.


Whole Wheat loaves


So for dinner, I had a cheeseburger, with Alexander Farms ground beef, grilled on the Big Green Egg, with Veldhuisen Greens Creek cheese, from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, my garden lettuce, and Milagro tomato.  I also cooked some Boggy Creek Farms new potatoes, French Fry style in the cast iron skillet.


100% local burger and fries

Was it the best burger and fries I’ve ever had?  No.  But it rocked my socks off, nonetheless, from a very tasty achievement standpoint, so maybe that would be yes.



2 Responses to “No Grocery Store Challenge, 5 more days”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Those loaves look beautiful! And that bun – wow!

  2. Haven’t sliced into them yet – but I’m thinking they are quite dense, as that flour seems to be. Thanks Ms. M. Hope to see you very soon. 🙂

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