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No Grocery Store Challenge, Getting Close December 22, 2010

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Since my day count is off, I’m not sure what day this is.  Monday, no breakfast.  My parents have been through multiple health problems, with a surgery for each of them looming in the next 2 weeks.  My dad will have his hip replaced next Thursday, so it’s going to be a Seton kind of New Year.  For lunch, I decided mom and I needed a short road trip, so we headed out to Jack Allen’s and had the enchilada special.  I see Jack Gilmore at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown every Saturday, appreciate his efforts to source for the restaurant locally.  Dinner was actually happy hour food at an other local favorite, Jeffrey’s.  They have half priced appetizers in the bar, and we split the Fish and Chips, which was flounder with Boggy Creek Farm potatoes and a delicious aioli, and the famous oysters, a split of half the old recipe (my favorite) and half the new.

Tuesday 12/21/10, again no breakfast.  We had a visit with the surgeon that turned into a 4 hour deal and prevented me from eating lunch.  I poked around the medical office tower to see if there was anything edible, and looked in the pharmacy.  Chips, candy bars, cokes, and absolutely nothing reasonable to eat.  I think that is odd, that you can’t get decent food in a medical facility.  But, I guess people still eat that stuff, or it wouldn’t have been there.  Late afternoon, I had some cheese and smoked salmon at a holiday open house.  Then dinner at La Condesa with friends I haven’t seen in a while.  I normally would have gotten the seafood special, especially since it was grouper.  I was excited to ask if the grouper came from San Miguel seafood, and was surprised that it did not, and was pacific grouper.  La Condesa is well known for sourcing locally, so this was interesting. I had carne asada.



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