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No Grocery Store – Last SFC Farmer’s Market Downtown of 2010 December 19, 2010

Saturday was the last downtown Farmer’s Market of 2010.  There will be an expanded Farmer’s Market at the Triangle on Wednesday, 12/22/10.  I was feeling nostalgic, so I took my camera.  First things first – the Bola Pizza Breakfast pie, which I am now in the habit of ordering and sharing with Stephanie of Confituras.  (For last minute Christmas Gifts, she will have a large supply of her delicious preserves at the Wednesday Triangle Market.)


Bola Pizza Breakfast Pie, Pancetta, Full Quiver Cheddar, Egg, Red Onion


I have formed some lasting friendships with the farmers at the SFC Farmer’s Markets and Brian and Rhonda Bickham are amongst them.  These folks are salt of the Earth, kind, hard working, special people and I’m proud to know them.  Their produce is impeccable.


Springfield Farm






Another amazing person, who has been very generous with his advice on growing onions throughout the year, is Chris of Milagro Farms.  He has expanded his farm to include lots of peppers and tomatoes, and his tomatoes are amongst the best.  He also has expanded his chicken farm, and Milagro’s eggs are fabulous.  If you ask him about his chickens, he speaks lovingly about what they are fed and how they are raised.


Milagro Farms



Last of the season tomatoes and peppers


I think if you did a Google search for Kocurek Family Artisinal Charcuterie, this blog would show up 100 times.  The Kocureks Charcuterie business launched just over a year ago, and since has expanded to be included at the W Hotel and the new David Bull restaurant, Congress.  My year would have been really boring without their sausages, bacons, duck bacon, rillettes, and rabbit pies.  I have been able to assemble a pretty fancy party spread with their amazing food.  I am happy to call Larry, Lee Ann, and little Eugene dear friends.  I couldn’t get a picture Saturday, because there was a line at their booth most of the day.

My crack dealer, Sam.  Sam is a market staple, selling tacos from Taco Deli.  I am never without what has been dubbed “crack sauce”, the uber spicy dona.  Emulsified peppers, that no matter how hard I try, I cannot duplicate.




Johnson’s Backyard Garden has been a source of much of my produce this last year, and they are really nice folks as well.  Their produce is beautiful.


Johnson's Backyard Garden


My fridge also has something from Dai Due in it.  I’m inspired by the weekly email that comes out every Tuesday – excited to try Jesse’s  new offerings, and inspired to try cooking some of the things listed.  I asked Jesse yesterday to make more antelope chile, and told him my attempt to duplicate his had come up short.  His reply, “Oh, I put a pig foot in it.”  Of course, I was not in possession of a pig foot, so there you go.  Hopefully, he will make more soon.


Dai Due

I could go on forever, but there is no need to.  I’m not changing my farmer’s market habits, hopefully ever.  There is too much good local food out there, not to continue seeking it out, and too many wonderful people providing it.  There is an amazing sense of community at the Farmer’s Market, and I feel fortunate to be a part of it.



2 Responses to “No Grocery Store – Last SFC Farmer’s Market Downtown of 2010”

  1. Optimista Says:

    …and the community is lucky to have you. You have been an eloquent supporter of all things local on a daily basis for an entire year – I really do not think there is another person in Austin who can say that!

  2. Thanks Michelle. I look forward to continuing to do so!

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