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No Grocery Store – Day 361, or Thereabouts December 19, 2010

It has become apparent that during the course of the last year, I have lost days, added days, or just lost count.  The last day of the year, should fall on 12/31/10, but by my count, Friday was day 361.  I’m not going back to figure it out.

My fridge was featured in Addie Broyles’ segment on  “What’s in Your Fridge Friday”!  It will be in the statesman on 12/31/10.  Here it is:

I skipped breakfast.  For a special lunch, I wanted to take my mom to Trio at the Four Seasons to see their fabulous gingerbread house display.

I love trains!


The gingerbread village is beautiful and the Four Seasons is decorated with festive and elaborate decorations.  Gorgeous.

I ordered Hibiscus tea, to start, and was delighted when my glass arrived filled with these ice cubes:


Hibiscus Ice Cubes


For lunch, I had the BLT and it was delicious.  The restaurant was very crowded by the time my food arrived, so I put away the camera.  Take my word for it, it was really good and the service was outstanding.

For dinner, roasted chicken and vegetables, and a bit of an experiment.

I had a Smith and Smith chicken thawing in the fridge for several days, so it needed to be cooked.  Christian likewise had a thawed chicken from Central Market, an air chilled chicken, that needed cooking.  He also needed to fire the pizza oven for Bola Pizza‘s fourth Farmer’s Market outing on Saturday.   He told me to bring my chicken over, and we’d cook them both in the pizza oven.    It got a bit late for that, and he ended up cooking them both in the over with roasted vegetables.   In comparison, the Central Market air chilled chicken, browned better than the local chicken.


Central Market Air Chilled Chicken

Smith and Smith Farms Chicken


We tasted some breast slices from each chicken, and found the Smith and Smith Farms Chicken to be juicier with slightly better flavor.  The vegetables were cooked on the stove top prior to roasting and were really delicious.


Roasted Vegetables


The potatoes were crispy, and perfect.

The next day at the SFC Farmer’s Market, I told the Smith and Smith Farms folks about our experiment.  They had previously told me that they like to think their chickens only have “one bad day.”  We talked about that, and they said that the chickens are never caged, even for their final ride in the trailer.  I love that.



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