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No Grocery Store, Days 358 and 359 December 16, 2010

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Day 358 I managed a boiled egg for breakfast.  For lunch, I had the red snapper tacos at Cafe Josie.  In the mid-afternoon, I put on a pot of the pinto beans I was gifted earlier this year, and set them on low.  Then I left to go run errands for my folks, and ended up getting home later than I planned, to a big ole pot of burned beans.  So,  my rice and bean dinner, was just Lowell Farms Rice and a snack of Kocurek pork rillettes left over from the party last weekend.

Day 359, I ate a little raw milk yogurt.  Lunch was an impromptu office (really the whole floor) at The Austin Club.  I had a salad, a cheese enchilada, and a taco.  (Buffet style)  I had two events last night – first was a Farmhouse Delivery Happy Hour at Olivia, where the chef prepared several appetizers using Farmhouse Delivery produce.  So I had a radish, a strawberry (interesting, they are getting greenhouse strawberries) a bite of a potato gratin, and a bite of a fried green tomato.  Next up, an ornament exchange party, where there was an elaborate Antonelli’s cheese plate.  I usually just buy stuff to assemble my own cheese plate, but now I see why the Antonelli’s cheese plates are so popular.  Because they are gorgeous!  This plate had 5 or so cheeses on it, adorned with curls of cured meats, and some chocolates, yellow raisins and some nuts, I think.  It had already been partially eaten, but it was a work of art.  So for dinner, I snacked on the cheese plate.


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