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No Grocery Store, Day 357 December 14, 2010

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Breakfast, homemade raw milk yogurt.   I had to take lunch to my parents, so I stopped at Sweetish Hill and got us all the sandwich of the day, turkey with jalapeno Havarti on pecan bread.  I love their sandwiches and the pecan bread was delish.  For dinner, more fabulous San Miguel Yellow Fin Tuna.

I picked up some spices last week from Savory Spice on 6th Street, one of which was ginger.  I dusted the tuna with ginger, salt and pepper and seared it in olive oil.  From my garden, I picked some bok choi, and sliced it up with some onion and jalapeno peppers from the farmer’s market and stir fried that.  I served the stir fry and tuna with some Lowell Farms Jasmine Rice, and garnished it with cilantro from the garden.


Ginger tuna, stir fry, rice





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