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No Grocery Store, Day 356 – San Miguel Seafood December 13, 2010

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I deviated from my Sunday migas ritual due to lack of tortilla chips.  I had a huge, 3 pound bag from El Milagro, which I purchased for tamale making day, but having those around proved detrimental, so out they went.  Instead, I had Dai Due Wild Boar Chorizo, scrambled Smith and Smith Farm eggs, with a little Full Quiver colby and some Taco Deli dona.

I was full at lunch time and skipped it, looking very much forward to dinner.  Fresh Yellowfin Tuna from San Miguel Seafood, at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown.  They had been absent from the market for a couple of weeks, due to rough seas.  But this weekend, they were back and they had Tuna.  Roberto, the proprietor, always has fresh gulf shrimp, in several sizes, and red snapper.  Sometimes there are also several varieties of grouper and every now and then Yellow fin Tuna.  This weekend, he also had flounder.

I got enough tuna for several meals.  For dinner, I sliced a filet in half and quickly seared it in olive oil.  I cooked down a tomato in olive oil with garlic, salt and pepper, and wilted some spinach from Springfield Farms.  Dinner took little time, and it was delicious.  The fresh tuna was divine.

Tuna, tomatoes, spinach

I have been asked several times, if I think it is safe to buy seafood from someone selling out of a cooler.  Absolutely, yes, and so do Wink, Olivia, Perla’s, Aquarelle, Jeffrey’s, La Condesa, and other fine dining establishments in town.  It is the freshest seafood you can get and it is delicious.


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