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No Grocery Store, Days 353-355 December 12, 2010

Yikes, I didn’t realize how far behind I had gotten!  Time flies in December.

Day 353, was very long and I started with some yogurt, made from raw milk by my friend Jamie.  I had to take my mom to 3 Dr. appointments through out the day – we were either driving, or waiting all day.  We had lunch at 34th street Cafe, since it is over near all the medical offices, and I had the BLT.  It was one of my favorite things I’ve gotten there.   I did get an exciting call mid-day, from Marla Camp, the publisher of Edible Austin.  I had won the Better Bites of Austin blogger gift basket!  So, I picked that up before the last Dr. visit of the day.  It was huge!  Filled with Texas Gourmet pasta, Reel Popcorn, Delysia Chocolate, Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil, Nazareth Olive Oil, Gluten Free products from Bona Dea, Coffee from Third Coast Roasting and more.  It was a lovely treat on a difficult day, and I greatly appreciated it.  I skipped dinner.

Day 354, yogurt for breakfast, lunch was a Deli Belly taco and a Bison taco from Taco Deli.  These were their 2 Eat Local Week offerings, and they were both delicious.  For dinner I had the Reel Popcorn from my Better Bites basket.

Day 355, I had Bola Pizza breakfast pizza, which I shared with a couple of vendors at the Farmer’s Market.  Breakfast has been a struggle for me this whole year, not so when Bola hit the market.  It is so good, with Full Quiver Cheddar, Salt and Time Pancetta, red onion, and a perfectly cooked egg.  Genius.  No lunch to speak of, as I hosted a Holiday Shopping party that afternoon.  The afternoon’s snacks included cheese from Antonelli’s cheese, a Full Quiver cheese ball, some cookies and savory cheese wafers from Food Food, gluten free cookies from Bona Dea, and cheese paired with Confituras preserves.  I knew we would be cleaning up at dinner time and wouldn’t want to cook, so I brought home several curry dishes from Thai Fresh from the farmer’s market, that that was dinner.

So, there are less than two weeks left to my No Grocery Store Challenge.  I’ll be reflecting back on the year, and the lessons learned in a post in the next couple of weeks.    So much has happened in the last year, and I’ve met so many wonderful people who have inspired and helped me along the way.  I appreciate you all.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Days 353-355”

  1. Optimista Says:

    How is it possible that it’s only been a year since you started the challenge? It feels to me like you’ve been eating/buying local ever since I’ve known you. Congrats on a very, very, VERY successful year!

  2. I know, it went by fast! Thank you Michelle!

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