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No Grocery Store, Days 350 and 351 December 8, 2010

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Monday, after tamale making day, I had one of Addie’s veggie tamales for breakfast.  I spent the afternoon in the Emergency Room at Seton with  my mom, (she’s OK) and then attended a Foodways Texas  launch event at Lambert”s.  I’m excited about Foodways Texas, an organization dedicated to celebrating local food traditions.  We watched a short film about a couple who makes sorghum, and I found it very interesting.  After the event, I had a couple pieces of fried shrimp and some green chile queso.   For a late night snack,  I had an El Milagro flour tortilla (I picked them up with the husks) with my leftover green chile pork.

Tuesday, I didn’t go into work.  Long story.  But, I found the Mexican Street Corn, brought by Stephanie, in my fridge, and ate some of that for breakfast.  No lunch, then dinner was a preview party at the second of the restaurants by the chef at Parkside, Shawn Cirkiel.   Backspace, is a cozy spot behind Parkside, that focuses on Neapolitan Pizza.    The pizza was traditional Neapolitan and was delicious, and although similar to Bola Pizza, I think Bola’s crust wins every time.  Hope it works out for them, it is a great spot.  Backspace opens next week.


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