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No Grocery Store, Days 347 and 348 December 5, 2010

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Day 347 I had tangerine juice for breakfast.  It was a busy day, with a vet appointment for my golden retriever followed by a Confituras sampling event at Con’ Olio.  So, I skipped lunch.  I had a couple of samples of Stephanie’s Fig and walnut conserve with Manchego Cheese and we tasted several flavored olive oils and vinegars.  On an empty stomach, I felt like I had just drunk salad dressing.  Friday family dinner was to be at Jeffrey’s, but my dad didn’t end up going, so just mom and me.  I had the Thumbalina Salad and the beef tenderloin.  Unexpectedly, Jeffrey’s famous oysters arrived, a gift from the chef.  We ordered my dad the same steak to go, and they generously threw in their Chocolate Intemperance and some other treats.     The meal was delicious and the special treatment was very nice.  I love the locally sourced ingredients and they do a great job of it.

Day 348 – Pork.  For breakfast at the Farmer’s Market, I had 1 slice of Bola Pizza breakfast pizza.  That’s just how Saturday is going to go from now on.  For lunch, a slice of Bola Pizza Mushroom pizza and shared with my vendor buddies.  Day 349 will be Tamale Making Day, but the process started Saturday.  I put two shoulder roasts in the slow cooker at 7:30 a.m.  When I got home from the Farmer’s Market and errands, around 2:00, the pork was falling off the fork and ready to be shredded and sauced.  So, I processed pork all afternoon, before heading to the Springdale Farms Pig Roast, part of Edible Austin’s Eat Local Week.  See previous post.  I was so full from tasting and working on my pork tamale filling, I didn’t eat at the Pig Roast.  I did have a taste and it was delicious, but I skipped the whole dinner and helped out instead.



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