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No Grocery Store, Days 344 and 345 December 1, 2010

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Day 344, more freshly squeezed tangerine juice.  It is so good!  I missed lunch, having to deal with a broken window and car problems.  All are fixed now, thankfully.  For dinner, the last of the leftover pot roast and a salad of garden lettuce and Milagro Farms tomatoes.  Chris really grew some tasty Fall tomatoes, all Valley Girls.  He should have the last of the tomatoes at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown on Saturday.  Upon his recommendation, I will be ordering Valley Girl Tomatoes for Spring shortly.

Day 345, and more tangerine juice.  I was up early enough to make breakfast and played around on Twitter instead.  I missed lunch, once again due to a mid-day hair appointment then visit with my parents to take them a chocolate pie from Monument Cafe.  It looked absolutely fabulous and they both reported that it was the best pie they had ever had.  I ate a carrot from the bunch I bought at the Triangle Farmer’s Market.  For dinner, spinach salad, with Wateroak Herbed Feta, boiled egg, and Texas Olive Ranch oil and vinegar.  Kocurek bacon was supposed to be an addition to the salad, but I didn’t get it thawed in time.  The spinach was from Springfield Farms, a lovely gift for standing in for Brian while he ran an errand.


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