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No Grocery Store, Days 340 and 341 – Carb Craziness November 28, 2010

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I am sensitive to the bad carbs, those from white food, pasta, flour, etc.   They are like crack to an addict to me, so after bread and potatoes at Thanksgiving, my carb lust was fully charged.  The day after Thanksgiving, I had a turkey sandwich for lunch.  For dinner, I attempted a Turkey Tetrazinni, with farmer’s market mushrooms, my onion, farmer’s market green onion  sauteed in butter and olive oil.  I creamed this mixture up with Full Quiver Neufchatel, and mixed it with the Pasta Company’s pasta.  It was ok, but I’ll make some adjustments for next time.

Saturday, was the first day for Bola Pizza to  be at the SFC Farmer’s Market in Republic Square, and I wanted to be on hand to assist in any way possible.  I checked in around 8:30 and they were all set up and ready to roar.  And roar they did, running out of pizza right before the market ended.  I split the first breakfast pizza with Stephanie the Cosmic Cowgirl,  her sister in law and my buddies at Springfield Farm.  It was genius, with Full Quiver’s white cheddar, Speck and an egg in the middle.  The egg cooks perfectly and this makes an incredible breakfast.   After running around for most of the market delivering pizzas, visiting with friends and shopping, when Stephanie suggested we order The Godfather for lunch, I didn’t put up much of a fight.  So, The Godfather, smoked mozzarella, carmelized onions and Kocurek Hot Italian sausage, for lunch.  Why the heck not? Bola had the perfect first market day, even for a smallish market than usual due to the  holiday.  They sold out just before the close of the market.  I’m so happy they had such a great day.  We recounted the events of the day over a glass of wine in front of a roaring fireplace all afternoon and it was perfect.

The carb craziness wasn’t quite over though, as I had plans with my buds Michelle and Chris for dinner at La Traviata.  We go to La Traviata for one magical dish, Pasta Carbonara.  It was amazing as always, and well worth the salads and eggwhites that it will take to make up for it.  No regrets!


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