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No Grocery Store, Day 342 November 28, 2010

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Wow, the end of the year is close!  I celebrated my own local harvest today, by digging up potatoes and harvesting broccoli.  For breakfast, migas again, my new Sunday norm, but this Sunday with Boggy Creek Farm eggs.  Yum.

As soon as I had breakfast, I put my “borrowed” turkey carcass in two pots with vegetables and garden herbs to commence stock.  Since my family had Thanksgiving catered, we had no whole turkey.  Their next door neighbor had a 24 pound turkey, and when I went over to visit, I asked if she had plans for the carcass.  She said she would be throwing it in the trash, and I asked if I could have it.  I felt weird asking, but I think she felt weirder giving over what she considered trash to me.  I spent the day making amazing turkey stock which I will share with the neighbor.  I was so happy to have more stock, then when I went to put it into the outdoor fridge, there was no room.  There must be 24 jars of chicken stock and beef stock out there already.  Time to make soup!

6 Jars of Turkey Stock

Once I got the stock on the stove, I put a chuck roast from One Girl Farm, which I picked up at Boggy Creek last Wednesday, into the slow cooker with some wine, water, carrots, herbs, onions and garlic.  I set the switch to “low” and after 7 hours it was falling off the bone tender.  I cut up my newly harvested new potatoes, tossed them in olive oil, salt and pepper, and stuck them in a 400 degree oven.  I cut off a hunk of Pure Luck Hopelessly Bleu cheese and melted it down with some of the raw milk I was gifted a few days ago.  Then I steamed some broccoli, put it all on a plate, and drizzled the blue cheese cream sauce on all of it.  It was a tasty dinner.  There might be nothing better than freshly dug potatoes.


2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 342”

  1. Bill Says:

    Wow! Less than a month to go? Can that be right? Very exciting and a little sad. Is it too early to ask what next? You’re almost there! Keep the faith sister!

    • I know, isn’t it crazy? You’ve been along for the ride the whole time too and I have appreciate all of your support. So many things have changed since I started this and it has gotten so much easier, I don’t plan on many changes. And I’ll keep on blogging, of course. I really do want to learn to make Indian food soon…

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