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Fall Potato Harvest-From one Spud, Many November 28, 2010

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Well, kind of.  I planted about 20 seed potatoes in August.  After a couple of months, none had come up, so I figured the heat was too much for them and they composted.  I seeded over them with pak choi and broccoli, and planted some broccoli transplants.  Then, one day, a spud sprout.  For realz.  Then another, then 5.  This was exciting, but actually caused a problem because the garden had already been planted over.  But I left them alone and figured nature would do its thing and someone would win out.

Since the weather is pretty pleasant, and the garden is now way overcrowded, I decided to give the broccoli some room to do its thing, and harvest the unexpected potatoes.  I wasn’t expecting much.  So I started digging, carefully so as not to puncture a tater or break off the broccoli roots.


The darker one is the seed potato, from which all the others around it sprouted.  There were four seed potatoes that came up.  These are Red Lasodas.  I also planted fingerlings and Kennebecs which did not make, so now I know which variety to plant in Fall.

Aren’t they beautiful?  I love the color and was surprised at how many there were, since I expected none.

All cleaned up

These will make a fabulous side dish for the pot roast I have in the slow cooker.  Fresh potatoes are a gazillion times better than store bought ones.  Salt, pepper, a little of the butter I made the other day.  Word.


8 Responses to “Fall Potato Harvest-From one Spud, Many”

  1. That is really great. None of my fall potatoes made it. I had a few green sprouts from the Yellow Finns and All Blues, which were quickly mowed off by some critter. Will try again in the spring.

  2. Thank you, I’m very happy with it. I’m happy for the potatoes, but I learned a lot, too so that’s always good!

  3. chileylimon Says:

    Hey Carla! the ONE potato I planted didn’t come up, I think it was Kennebec. Oh well. There’s always the spring! Hope you enjoyed your pretty little spuds.

  4. Hey Claudia, I have only eaten the smaller ones so far, but they were delicious. I’ll plant again in the Spring, too. Hope to see you soon!

  5. Optimista Says:

    Way cool! Congratulations!

    Don’t think I’ve ever had a non-store-bought potato. Does anyone at the markets sell them? It never occurred to me that it would make that big a difference with potatoes.

  6. The fresh from the garden potatoes are extremely tender and creamy. After time on the truck and sitting in the store, the skins get harder and the inside changes texture as well.

  7. Oops, didn’t answer all of your question. Boggy Creek Farm had new potatoes last week and probably will for a few weeks. I haven’t seen any at the farmer’s market, but I haven’t looked. Johnson’s Backyard Garden has them in the summer.

  8. Optimista Says:

    Thanks, Carla! I’ll pick some up next time I see them at a farm stand!

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