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Freeze in Austin Tonight, Protect the Garden November 26, 2010

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I don’t get too excited when the weather people predict a freeze of 32 overnight, because I think they tend to exaggerate a little, in an abundance of caution, and I live in Central Austin, not the outlying areas.  However, the prediction of 20’s overnight for several hours into the morning, was my cue, to cover up the gardens.  Since I’ve added a couple of raised gardens since this time last year, I needed more supplies.  I got 6 lengths of 1/2 inch pvc, which Breed and Co., cut to 8 feet for me, so 48 feet.  I made hoops for the onion beds.  The pvc ends are merely stuck into the soil.


Pvc hoops


I’ve had a drawer full of these clamps from Home Depot for a while.  If memory serves, they are about $1.98 each.


Inexpensive clamps


I knew I would be short of row cover, so I picked up 2 packages at 10’x12′ for $13.59 each.  These are mid-weight and can be reused year after year.  Some of my lightweight row cover tore last year.


Row Cover


It would be a little less expensive to buy this at someplace like Natural Gardener, that I believe sells “cut size to order”, but the drive out there would likely negate the savings, and would require a second stop for pvc.

So, now the onion beds look like covered wagons.


Covered Gardens


The gardens in the back are covered with old row cover, and The Planket (the green one).  Everything in that garden is different heights, since the pepper plants are large, so it was harder to cover.


All tucked in

The fruit trees are all in pots and I pulled them together and wrapped row cover around them.  The only things left exposed are the herbs, and I’ll just throw a sheet over them.



2 Responses to “Freeze in Austin Tonight, Protect the Garden”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    So how did things fare in your garden? How cold did it get? Been out of town so couldn’t cover anything. Things got nipped pretty bad where I’m visiting in Houston, so I assume it was colder in Austin.

  2. It did not freeze at my house. It got down to 34 at the lowest. I still have things covered just in case it gets colder tonight, it was a clear day. I think it was in the low 20’s at Bergstrom.

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