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No Grocery Store, Days 336 – 338 – Homemade Butter November 25, 2010

I hate it when I get behind.  This week has been busy getting ready for company.  Monday, tangerine juice for breakfast, a salad at Cover 3 for lunch, and dinner was Thunderheart Bison soft tacos on corn tortillas from the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market.  I had been looking for a good reason to break out my delicious cumin from Savory Spice on 6th, and this was it.   Bison, onions, tomatoes, peppers, Chili seasoning from Penzy’s and cumin.   Topped with Full Quiver Cheddar and Taco Deli dona sauce.

Day 337, tangerine juice for breakfast.  For lunch, a chicken taco from Julio’s.  I overestimated my cooking this week, and thawed too much stuff.  For dinner, in order for it not to go to waste, I cooked everything I had thawed.  Any, I wasn’t very hungry for dinner, so I made a salad from the garden, and had half of a Dai Due frank and a taste of Kocurek roasted garlic sausage for dinner with some Kocurek mustard.

I had a peaceful start to the day before Thanksgiving.  I arrived at Boggy Creek Farm at 8:40 and there were already at least 15 cars.  The 9:00 start time for the farm stand is roundly ignored.  I wish I had taken my camera, the farm tables were loaded with gorgeous sweet potatoes, broccoli, greens,  butternut squash – it was a thing of beauty.  I got broccoli, (mine isn’t quite done), spring onions, new potatoes, carrots, Wateroak Farms Goat Milk, Wateroak Herbed Feta, Boggy Creek chicken eggs, a Chuck roast from One Girl Farm, (for slow cooking on a cold blustery weekend) a Bourbon Pecan Pie and a Sour Cream Apple Pie.  Day 338, the relatives started arriving earlier than expected.  Lunch, a turkey panini from Sweetish Hill.  When I got the call that folks were here, I was driving West on 6th Street.  Right turn into Sweetish Hill, and scooped up 7 of their pre-made sandwiches, and everything was great.    At the Triangle Market folks were lined up at Richardson Farms to pick up their fresh turkeys. Johnson’s Backyard Garden had lots of great looking green beans.  I wish I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but I’m a guest, not the host this year.   An all local Thanksgiving would be so easy to do.   My contribution will be the apple pie and Confituras Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly.  In an unusual twist to the day, I came upon 2 gallons of Stryk Dairy raw milk.  Some folks had visited the dairy and bought some for a friend who didn’t want it.   This milk, from jersey cows, has about a 6 inch creamline.   I already had goat milk from shopping earlier, so I decided to make some butter.


Immersion blender


Yep, I didn’t think this through and made a bit of a mess.  Blend until the butter separates from the liquid.




Next, you drain off the liquid.  I fold up a paper towel, and flip the jar over onto it, where it will spend the night.




After a night of draining off the liquid, it is done.  I’ve left it unsalted for now.  The result is a bit firmer than store bought butter, but it is sweet and delicious.  For this portion of butter, I used about a 6th of the gallon of milk, mostly cream off the top.



For dinner, I had some broccoli and some of the Kocurek garlic sausage I cooked the night before.




4 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Days 336 – 338 – Homemade Butter”

  1. rami Says:

    thanks for this usefull info,i just want to ask if it is they say butter is not so healthy?

  2. Optimista Says:

    You made your own butter?!?

    You are so cool.

  3. Sure, its easy! It just takes a bit of patience. Looking forward to Carbonara!

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