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No Grocery Store, Day 322 – Slow Food, Big Reds, Fast Bubbles November 19, 2010

Day 322 was a big day, which began with some fresh squeezed tangerine juice.  The tangerines from the farmer’s market are wonderful, and I need to remind myself to freeze some juice for when they are out of season.

For lunch, I had a fried chicken breast sandwich, and sweet potato fries at Monument Cafe in Georgetown.  More details on that adventure in my previous post.

Late afternoon I attended the Slow Food Austin Happy Hour at Peche.  I don’t get down to the warehouse district very often any more, because I get annoyed by the parking situation.  I had never been to Peche, and only thought of it as an Absinthe Bar.  Come to learn, it is also an upscale restaurant that sources ingredients locally, and the menu looked delicious. The passed appetizer that I had was a Braised pork and cabbage crostini, and it was great.



Menu Board




Not every restaurant that touts locally sourced status, really walks the walk.  (There are quite a few that don’t).  I didn’t do any homework on Peche, but I have faith that Slow Food did before they brought us here.




From Peche, I headed over to the Wine and Food Foundation’s event Big Reds and Bubbles at the Driskill.   I pondered taking the camera in, but was glad I didn’t, because it was very crowded and juggling drinks, food, overloaded purse and the camera would have been a nightmare.  The event filled all of the ballrooms on the second floor of the Driskill.  The first room I wandered into was the Champagne room, wherein most of the food was dessert.  My first bite of the night was a chocolate begniet from Fete Accompli.  These tasty bites made their debut at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown last week, and will continue.  Next to Fete were the Antonellis, pairing a couple of their popular cheeses with Confituras lovely preserves.  Delish.  Of the dishes I tried, the standouts were a very tasty scallop from Truluck’s, Jack Allen’s Ravioli in cream sauce, Garrido’s beef taco bite, and Moonshine’s mini lamb pot pie.  There were lots more restaurants represented that I didn’t try, lots of sweets, and red wine and champagne all around.  It was a good day.



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