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Monument Cafe, and Monument Market, Georgetown November 19, 2010

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I took a pizza making class months ago from Christian, who since has launched Bola Pizza At that class, I met another attendee, Pattie Meyers, who is (among other things) responsible for finding local products for the upcoming Monument Market in Georgetown.  The No Grocery Store challenge has put me in a position to know most of the local food around here, so Pattie and I have remained in contact, and as new folks come up with new wonderful locally sourced foods, I send their information to Pattie.

I have been meaning to get out there to see what the Monument Cafe and Market are all about, and today Christian and I made the short trip to Georgetown and did just that.  Much to my delight, the Cafe was surrounded by gardens!

Front of Monument Cafe

There were ornamentals bordering the front walkway, and the neatly lined rows to the left were all herbs.  I had never seen as much Mexican Mint Marigold in a garden.

Mexican Mint Marigold

There were rows of parsley, sage, cilantro, and on the other side of the building, lots of Rosemary and Oregano.

Rosemary and Sage

Another garden view

The back of the restaurant had raised beds, that recently had been purged of their pepper plant occupants.  There is now room for lots of winter greens to go in.

Former and Future beds

The interior of the Cafe was very spacious, with a fully open kitchen.  There were lunch specials, but we stuck to the regular menu, having a burger with onion rings, and a fried chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries.  The food was good and very affordable.

The Market is to be located about a mile South of the Cafe, in a building in the same style of the Cafe.

Site for new Monument Market

In other Monument news, the same folks are in the process of launching a Mexican Food restaurant, also in Georgetown, as well as a Monument Cafe in Austin, in addition to the Market.  I’m looking forward to all of their ventures, and appreciate their extraordinary efforts to source their foods from local farmer and artisans.


10 Responses to “Monument Cafe, and Monument Market, Georgetown”

  1. Thanks for posting this update . . . Cannot wait for the opening!

  2. Michael Says:

    wow that is cool. looks healthy!

  3. Love the gardens! And, I can’t wait for the new openings.

  4. Cat Says:

    Great to see you too!!

  5. TexasHorseLady Says:

    To be entirely accurate, the new Monument Cafe is in the same style as the old building, which was the original Monument Cafe. Awesome job they did of it, too (was showing it to someone today who hadn’t been in the new building since they moved, and she was amazed at what a great replica they’d done, albeit larger).

    I’ll be so glad when the Market opens – I’ve been waiting forever, it seems!

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