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No Grocery Store, Day 321 November 18, 2010

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Not much to talk about for day 321.  I missed breakfast and spent lunch between the Chiropractor for me, and Austin Radiology with my mom.   While I was waiting for her, I did actually get hungry, but the only food available was from a vending machine.  Candy bars, chips and cokes.  I thought that was a pretty sad situation, that even at a medical facility, there weren’t many good options.  So, for lunch, I had water and a cup of coffee.  And for another sad situation, my doctor has asked me not to work in the garden for a while.  Boo.

Dinner was good though!  Kocurek Family Bhan Mi sausage, and stir fried broccoli, green onion, and garlic.  Simple, fast, and really tasty.  You can see all the flecks of color in the sausage – it was spicy and very flavorful.  I have struggled in the past with how to eat their sausage, but over stir fried vegetables works well, and I love broccoli.  They also have a drunken chicken sausage I’m looking forward to trying.

Bhan Mi with broccoli


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