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No Grocery Store, Days 316 and 317 November 14, 2010

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Day 316, Friday, I had a couple bites of Full Quiver Cottage Cheese for Breakfast.  I ended up at Garrido’s for lunch and had chicken enchiladas.  In the evening, I attended a retirement party for a good friend of about 20 years.  It is hard to believe one of my friends is retired, but its true.  The meal for the party was stewed pork and bean tacos, green rice (which I picked up from Garrido’s) and  cornbread  brought by the guest of honor.  I was still full from my overindulgent lunch, and just had a taco.  The hostess had a bowl full of Persimmons on the table, and we started talking about them.  Someone decided to cut one up and pass it around.  Immediately upon tasting the persimmon, everyone at the table realized something had gone very wrong.  We all had instant cotton mouth and mittens on our teeth!  The persimmon was not totally ripe.  Strange occurrence, but a good lesson, none the less.

Day 317, I got up and moving early to get to the farmer’s market.  I had a migas breakfast taco in mind, but decided to wait, with a big birthday dinner planned.  When I got home from errands, I heated up some leftover green chile chicken stew and had a bowl of that for lunch.  My dad’s birthday celebration dinner was at Eddie V’s, with my folks and some of their out of town friends.  I had Snapper Meuneire and broccoli, and skipped on the twice baked potato and dessert.  The restaurant played up the birthday, and had a birthday card signed by everyone there, on the table when we arrived.  They know how to make folks feel special.


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