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Fall Garden – Potato Takeover November 14, 2010

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The strawberries are all tucked into their well mulched home at the East end of the 24 foot garden.  The rest of that garden is a blend of lettuces, spinach, cabbages, broccoli raab, and peppers.


Big garden


The peppers are still making peppers like crazy, which makes me happy.  I’m eating them as fast as I can!


Peppers galore!


The cabbage is gorgeous, but shows no signs of making a head.  I have this problem every year.


Headless cabbage


The 8 foot garden, in which I planted potatoes in August, then overplanted with other things when the potatoes showed no signs of coming up, has now been overtaken by the late sprouting potato plants.


Potato Takeover


The broccoli in this garden looks good, although no crowns have sprouted.  The pac choi also looks good and can be harvested at any time for stir frying.  The potatoes are flowering, which is a good sign, although because of the shortened growing time  (since they sat dormant for over a month), I’m not expecting a large harvest.  Potatoes take about 100 days, so I’m thinking I’ll get a crop of smallish new potatoes around Thanksgiving.

The 8 foot bed where the Nandina used to be, currently is empty, except for a few scraggly bean plants and some weeds.

The Celebrity Tomato in the Earthbox, has produced exactly one small tomato thus far.  There is one more medium sized tomato that will make it, and there are several tiny tomatoes that I’m going to try to coax through the next few weeks, by making a greenhouse over the Earthbox with clear plastic.


Tomato in the Earthbox


The two side beds are filled with onions and garlic, and will stay that way until harvest in March or April.

The next thing I’ll be planting will be additional blackberry bushes, in the next few weeks, and perhaps more lettuce and spinach.


6 Responses to “Fall Garden – Potato Takeover”

  1. Bill Says:

    I know this is totally off topic but I just found out I’m having 30 people over for Xmas. Could you recommend some one to cater?

  2. Yikes that’s a lot. We had 20 for Thanksgiving last year and I had to do most of the cooking and it wiped me out for days. Quincy Adams-Erickson at Fete Accompli 480-8787. She shops at the farmer’s market and her food is wonderful. Steven at 2 Dine 4 Catering. The Kocurek’s rent space in his commercial kitchen, but I haven’t had his food. 467-6600. Royal Fig Catering is another one, although I have no experience with them, 814-9743. Central Market and Whole Foods also do catering, but you would have to pick it up and re-heat everything. We did that one year for Thanksgiving and it was pretty good. Keep me posted on your search!

  3. Bill Says:


  4. i am new to strawberry planting…so are those strawberries bought and planted or did u have them from earlier this year?
    what exactly are we to expect from planting strawberries this time of the year?

    • I buy new strawberries every year. You can keep them thriving in the summer and Fall after they stop producing, but in my opinion, it is a waste of water and space. I’d rather pull them up and plant something that will produce when they wouldn’t be. So, the Fall/winter planted strawberries should be discouraged from producing fruit, so that their energy can go into establishing their root systems. I pinch off all flowers and runners they send out. Just keep them watered and mulched, and I cover mine when it freezes. Once Spring rolls around, their root systems will be strong, and they will be able to put all their energy into making wonderful strawberries. I typically give them some organic fertilizer in late February/Early March to help this process. Thanks for the question and good luck!

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