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No Grocery Store, Days 314 and 315 November 11, 2010

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Day 314, I had a little Full Quiver cottage cheese for breakfast.  Still in pain from whatever this back problem is, I wasn’t really hungry, but needed some quality time with Mom, so we went to Cafe Josie for lunch.  I was good, and ordered the flounder special, with no rice, just vegetables.  When I thought it was time for the bill, a dessert arrived instead, pumpkin cobbler, compliments of the chef.  I didn’t want to be an ungracious guest, so I took a bite.  Holy moly, it was so good, I ate the whole thing, all the while justifying it because pumpkin is a vegetable.  So, for penance, I had a garden salad for dinner.

Day 315 started out badly.  I was in so much pain, my left leg numb and weak, I couldn’t muster breakfast or lunch.  I did manage to put a Smith and Smith Farms whole chicken in the slow cooker before I headed off to work, with plans to make Green Chile Chicken Stew for dinner.  Chicken, salt, pepper, garlic, garden thyme, and water.  I had scheduled a massage for 2:00 p.m, vowing that if it didn’t help, I’d break down and head to a chiropractor next.    The massage seemed to work wonders and I felt much better afterward.  When I got home, I pulled the chicken out, de-boned it, and threw the juices and bones in a different pot with more water, more thyme, onions, and several chopped tomatoes.  I didn’t want tomato chunks in my stew.  After that cooked down for about 3 more hours, I strained it.  I cleaned and seeded 5 Anaheim peppers I had roasted and frozen a couple months ago, and ran them with two small onions through the food processor.  I returned the broth to the pot, added in the pepper and onion slurry and the chicken.  I let that simmer for an hour.  I ladled some into a bowl, and topped it with Full Quiver Pepper Jack and some garden cilantro and had a hearty dinner.  I should have had a salad with it, but was lazy.

Green Chili Chicken Stew

I love making stock.  The longer it cooks, the better it tastes.  I was happy that I had a plan to actually eat the stock I made, rather than freezing it.  I’m a bit stock obsessed lately.  It is so genius though, water, herbs, vegetables, bones.  I can’t wait to make French Onion Soup with the beef stock I made a few days ago.  I can hardly remember what the canned or boxed stuff tasted like, but I do know it doesn’t compare to home made.  But then again, its really like that with everything, right?


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