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No Grocery Store, Day 306 – Bola Pizza November 3, 2010

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For breakfast I had a boiled egg and a little Full Quiver Cottage Cheese.  My plan to be good until the Bola Pizza party, was derailed at lunch.  I had a chicken enchilada and a taco from El Caribe and it was good, but not what I had planned for myself.  For dinner, I was invited to a Bola Pizza party – an invitation I’ll never decline, barring death or plague or some other horrible occurrence.  This time, Christian added a new element to the pizza party.  Caesar Salad!


Army of individual Caesar salads

This was a very tasty salad, was perfect to tide us over until the pizzas started coming out of the oven.  As usual, a crowd hovers as close to the trailer as possible, to get to the pizza ASAP.  I didn’t take any pizza pictures because of the rain, but it was better than ever, which is hard to imagine.  The crust, the perfect cracker crisp bottom, had a layer of slightly chewiness, topped by crispy pockets of airy lightness.  I think this crust has elevated to a level that almost renders the toppings inconsequential.  But, the toppings are fabulous too, and I was surprised to see a pesto pizza in the rotation, using my homemade local pesto.    I love it all, but I’m still partial to the Godfather, with Kocurek Hot Italian sausage.  So good.



2 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 306 – Bola Pizza”

  1. ht Says:

    thought i’d let you know that a perfectly boiled richardson’s farm egg goes really well with taco deli’s dona crack sauce.. if you haven’t tried this good

  2. I can’t believe I have not tried that combination! That sounds delish, and I will try it soon. I just picked up some dona crack at the Triangle farmer’s market yesterday, so thank you for the idea!

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