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No Grocery Store, Day 304 – First Fall Harvest November 1, 2010

Breakfast was difficult, as I had stayed in a hotel after the Halloween party, since it was a ways from home.  This particular hotel had breakfast included in the room rate, and that consisted of a room with a waffle maker, and premixed waffle mix, an array of cereals, some fruit, yogurt, baked goods, boiled eggs, bacon and eggs in a warmer, and a juice dispensing machine.  The bacon was very strange looking, each slice as perfectly uniform as the one next to it and all with a machine extruded looking appearance.  The eggs were odd as well.  I could have done well to choose a boiled egg, but I reached for an apple instead.  It was mealy, so I just stuck with coffee.  I did see another patron with juice, and it was a color not found in nature.  Not sure what that was.  In those instances, yogurt and cereal are typically the safest bet, but I’m off carbs for now.

When I got home, I broke out the Kocurek Duck Bacon and proceeded to eat several pieces of it.  Duck breast, treated like bacon.  Genius.  I had a few spoonfuls of Full Quiver Cottage Cheese as well.

I had procured a smoked Richardson Farms pork chop from Dai Due at the Saturday farmer’s market which was to be dinner.  I harvested some lettuce, green beans, and Royal Burgundy beans to accompany my pork chop.


Freshly picked beans

Garden lettuce

So, for dinner, a Richardson Farm’s pork chop, smoked by Dai Due, a garden salad, and fresh green and burgundy beans, cooked, then tossed with garlic and rendered Dai Due Tasso Ham for flavor.  The Royal Burgundy beans turn the exact same color as the green beans when cooked.  Garden beans, cooked within an hour of cooking, are an amazing thing, so very tender and wonderful.  I had planned for the pork chop to be dinner for 2 nights because it was large, but I ended up cutting off a great deal of fat, so it was just one meal.  It was delicious, in any event.



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