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No Grocery Store Day 303, New Farmer’s Market Finds! October 31, 2010

Day 303 began with a garden omlette with peppers and the last of my onions, and a fistful of herbs.  After getting most of what was on my list at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown, Smith and Smith Farms Chicken, Kocurek Bacon, Dai Due smoked pork chop and Wild Boar Chorizo (not on my list), I went to visit my friends at the Barton Creek Market.  From there, I got cheddar and pepper jack cheeses from Full Quiver and heard another customer ask for cottage cheese.  I had no idea!  I am now the proud owner of cottage cheese and it is very good.  I went down to see if Richardson Farms had another brisket, my last one was hijacked (long story), and ended up getting hamburger, beef cutlets, flank steak, popcorn and white cornmeal.  Listening to Lee Ann Kocurek describe the Duck Bacon and Chorizo Verde, enticed me to add those to my purchases.  Then I bought a bag of onions and a bag of lettuce.  Then Kelly Jo’s Cilantro Sauce.  I goal of eating what was in my freezer had been going so well until this day!  The freezer is stuffed again.  But it might snow and I might get trapped inside for weeks, so a girl has got to do… Oh never mind.  I’m a hoarder.  At least I hoard good food instead of cats.

For lunch I made a salad with market lettuce, grated Full Quiver Cheddar, and part of a market tomato with Kelly Jo’s Creamy Cilantro.

Last night I attended a Halloween Party.   I was going to dress as a chef, since I was gifted a chef coat last year and already have Crocs, which many chefs wear.  But that would have required a trip to the restaurant supply, and I was short of time.   While at Breed and Company on Friday, I fell in love with this fabulous hat.


Cool Witch Hat

And it was on sale, so with an all black dress and boots, black nail polish, this hat and a creepy raven on my shoulder, I was dressed for Halloween.  Way under dressed, compared to everyone else at the party, most of whom had very elaborate costumes.  The food for the party was an array of fajita makings, 7 layer dip, queso, chips, tortillas and lots of sweets.  I stuck to my no carb plan and had some chicken, brisket, marinated pork, pico de gallo, and a little of the 7 layer dip.  I was tempted by the chips, but refrained, so I did pretty well.    It was a fun party!



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