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No Grocery Store, Day 302 October 30, 2010

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I took this chilly morning off from walking and made breakfast instead, bacon and eggs.  Kocurek Czeck Bacon and Vital Farms eggs.  I had cooked the bacon already and just crumbled it and tossed in to the scrambled eggs.   My new rule, is breakfast before blog, email, twitter etc.

At lunchtime, I wasn’t hungry and wanted to support my friend Stephanie who was demoing her Confituras preserves at Breed and Company, so I headed over there to hang out for a couple of hours.  As always, all of her things were a hit, made even more interesting with her chosen pairings with several cheeses from Antonelli’s.

A late afternoon 8 year old’s birthday party had me fighting my carb cravings, mostly because Bola Pizza was catering the party.  I abstained and snacked on cheese.  I’m going to be good until the next pizza night, which is coming up soon.  Dinner with my folks was at Mirabelle on Mesa.  I think Mirabelle makes solidly good food, at a reasonable price and they serve great wine, at very reasonable prices.  Win/win.  But, I didn’t like what I ordered as much as the things I usually get.  I had Bacon Wrapped Red Snapper in Thai Curry Sauce.  I don’t think bacon and curry pair well together and would have liked it better without the bacon.  My parents’ steaks look outstanding.

Day 303 will be interesting foodwise, because I’m going to a Halloween Party and have no idea what the food will be.  Hopefully I can practice some carb restraint!


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