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No Grocery Store, Day 299- A Slow Day October 27, 2010

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I declared day 299 to be a Slow Day, and took a break.  After working downtown, I stopped by Taco Deli and picked up a Thunderheart Bison taco.  When I got home, I put on my “don’t leave the house” close and shoes and grounded myself.   I had soaked some pinto beans given to my by Kristi from one of the farmer’s markets she visited on a trip, so I put those on to simmer all afternoon with some Dai Due tasso ham, garden onions and peppers and farmer’s market tomatoes.

Then, I got caught up in the garden and picked the Royal Burgundy beans. These are the prettiest color!


Royal Burgundy Beans


Next, I finished turning the amended soil in the strawberry patch, and planted 20 of the strawberry plants, in alphabetical order so I can remember which are which – Chandlers in front, then Seascapes, then Sequoias in the back.  Once they were planted, I watered them in, and covered them with Cypress Mulch.  You can use hay or straw, but I wouldn’t recommend the chunkier hardwood mulches.


Strawberry Patch


Once my garden chores were done, I came in, cleaned up and put a Richardson Farms chicken in the oven, while I caught up on the TV shows I had recorded from the busy preceding 4 days.  For dinner, I had some of the chicken with a bowl of spicy, beans, and then made chicken stock.  If winter ever comes, I’ve got stock to get me through cold nights with lots of hot soup.  But, as of now, it still feels like summer.


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