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No Grocery Store, Day 297 – Green Corn Project October 25, 2010

Today was one of my favorite events all year, the Green Corn Project fundraiser at Boggy Creek Farm.  I have been a fan of this event for several years, and started donating a raised garden kit 3 years ago.  After having some scrambled eggs for early breakfast, I loaded up my garden kit and headed out to Boggy Creek early, to help anyone needing set up assistance.  Charles and crew were already there from Cafe Josie, and shortly thereafter my dear friend Stephanie from Confituras arrived.  After helping for a bit, I toured the farm to see what Boggy Creek had growing and to get inspiration for my own Fall/Winter garden.


Farm Entrance



The Front Field



Bare root strawberry rows



Broccoli for days



Seeds starting in trays


As the restaurants started arriving and setting up their food tents, I could see it was to be a fabulous food day.  This literally was the “who’s who” of food in Austin, in my opinion.  Aquarelle, Antonelli’s Cheese, Confituras, Mulberry, Thai Fresh, Fino, Asti, Cafe Josie, Wink, Jeffrey’s, Cippolina, Olivia, Farmhouse Delivery, Whole Foods and the list goes on.  My friends Christian and Jamie were a new addition with Bola Pizza.


Bola Pizza



Best Pizza in Town


Antonelli’s cheese shop provided several different varieties of cheese and charcuterie tastings.


Antonelli's Cheese shop



Thai Fresh



Paella from Fino


Fino brought their Paella which was delicious.

This radish salad from Farmhouse Delivery was gorgeous.


Radish Salad from Farmhouse Delivery


Charles Mayes from Cafe Josie did the first of three cooking demonstrations on the back porch of the farmhouse, and made his amazing mac and cheese.


Charles teaching cooking


Cafe Josie made 4 different kinds of tacos for the event, a departure from the tropical fare served at the restaurant, but nonetheless, very tasty.


Cafe Josie tacos


Cipollina may win for “most attractive dish” with this gorgeous house made pate.


Gorgeous plate


Hoover’s brought some amazing looking food as well, stuffed okra and (I think) stuffed cabbage leaves.  I didn’t get a chance to try these:




Stephanie of Confituras paired up with Barrie of Amity Bakery and served pumpkin butter and pear preserves with bread, which were a crowd pleaser, but also a bee pleaser!  The bees were attracted to Stephanies sweet treats, as we all are.




Mulberry brought their candied bacon wrapped around stuffed figs, which was amazing.


Mulberry's Candied Bacon


I didn’t get pictures of all of the food, or attendees at this event.  The Boggy Creek Farm Stand was also open for veggies, Larry’s salsas and other goodness.


Farm stand



Larry's Fire Roasted Salsa


There were some interesting silent auction items, like this Garden Angel.


Garden Angel


With live music on the porch, and spirits provided by Balcones Distillery and Paula’s Texas Orange, I’d say a fine time was had by all.  It might have been the perfect day.  Friends, great food, beautiful setting, music and all for a good cause – what more could one want?


5 Responses to “No Grocery Store, Day 297 – Green Corn Project”

  1. Optimista Says:

    We LOVED the event. Thank you so much for letting us know about it. I hope you don’t mind that we wrangled your garden kit away from somebody else…we really wanted to bid it up, and I guess we were a little too enthusiastic in that regard!

  2. Bill Hines Says:

    I’m jealous! It looked amazing. I want to go next year.

    • This event has become the big food event of the year, in my opinion. Others might disagree, but I’m standing by this one. I’ll make sure to give you a heads up next year, because you would really enjoy it, I think.

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