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Preparing the Strawberry Patch October 23, 2010

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I’m anxious to get my strawberries into the ground, but I want to do it right and give them the best environment possible for good growth and production.  The plot I normally plant my strawberries in, is part of the 24 foot bed.  This spot had already been amended and turned several months ago, so it is in fairly good shape.  I purchased 2 bags of Revitalizer Compost, and 40 pounds of granite sand to promote good drainage.  I also go a bag of worm castings.


Compost and Granite Sand


I turned the soil, pulled out some of the root remnants of the garden’s former tenants, and started adding in the mixture of castings, granite sand and compost, turning with each addition.


Amending the Soil


The colors look a bit dramatic in this picture, because the flash on the camera went off, as it was still dark this morning when I started this project.  As I was adding to and turning the soil, I thought how much gardening seems like cooking at times, adding ingredients and stirring them up.  Both activities end with something tasty to eat.  Perhaps that’s why I like both so much!

I only had time for one other garden chore this morning – picking peppers.






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