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Time to Order Onions! October 19, 2010

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I’ve been watching the Dixondale Farms website daily for their release of the 2011 Onion Catalog.  Today, it was out!  Rather than use their automated order system online, I called to get a jump on my onion order.  Onions are among my very favorite foods to grow.   You plant them in late Fall, and just keep them watered during the winter and Spring.  I am still eating onions from last year’s harvest, although I’m running low.

Historically, I’ve planted the short day sampler, which included 3 varieties.  I found that the purple onions bolted early and didn’t do as well as the 1015’s, so I changed up my order this year, and ordered 1015s, Yellow Granex and White Bermuda.  They will ship November 1, 2010 and I’ll get them in the ground immediately, because the earlier you plant them, the bigger they get.

I have two dedicated raised beds for onions, that now contain green beans which are about to produce.  I’ll be reading up on the best soil amendments for onions, and will amend the soil accordingly before planting them. 

And, in the mean time, I’ll be doing the onion happy dance!


4 Responses to “Time to Order Onions!”

  1. Cool! Thanks for the link. I ordered a bundle, the short-day sampler.

  2. […] acting on a tip from Carla over at Austin Urban Gardens, I ordered a bunch of 60 onion plants from Dixondale Farms, a short day sampler of Texas 1015Y […]

  3. Hello, could I use one of your pictures of bolting onions on our blog? credit to you of course! Ann

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