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No Grocery Store, Days 288 and 289 October 17, 2010

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Friday I had more chorizo and egg scramble for breakfast and was still full at lunch.   I typically go out with my parents on Friday nights, but they had out of town company, and my dad shopped and made dinner.  I was of little help, taken down by allergies.  He made beef tenderloin, salad, and baked potatoes, although I skipped the potato.  I didn’t have to ask to know that the food was all from Randalls, because that is where they shop. I had forgotten what romaine hearts from a bag taste like.

Saturday, I made scrambled Vital Farms eggs with Kocurek English Bacon, which is much leaner than traditional bacon.  Similar to thinly sliced ham in texture.  I took my parents visiting friends to the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown, then to the Barton Creek Market to get some Confituras jams, then to Austin Wine Merchant, then to Antonelli’s Cheese.  My dad called and asked that I stop for lunch, and their guest decided he wanted some Sourdough bread, so we stopped at Texas French Bread for sour dough and sandwiches.  I opted for tortilla soup instead and had that for lunch.  Then I came home and got out the Richardson Farm’s pork ribs that had been thawing, rubbed them down with olive oil and Dai Due tomato BBQ sauce and stuck them in the smoker, determined to stay in the rest of the day.  I used the BBQ sauce at the outset for moisture and for something to carmelize during the smoking process.  I reapplied after a couple of hours, then not again, because I didn’t want them to be saucy.    I watched Texas beat Nebraska and ate ribs.  No proper dinner, just a rib here and there.  And they were good.  And I smelled like a smokehouse by the end of their 5 hours in the smoker.


Richardson Farms Ribs




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