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Mid-October in an Austin Urban Garden October 15, 2010

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I’m loving the garden right now, lots of things I enjoy growing and eating are coming up and the weather has been phenomenal.  I’ve sorely been missing lettuces, although some has recently shown up at the farmer’s markets.  I’ve seeded for several different varieties, Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch and Baby Leaf Heirloom Cutting Mix from Renee’s Gardens Seeds.  I will keep reseeding weekly throughout the Fall for a continuous supply.  The goal is a garden with every available space filled with food.


The first lettuce up


I planted spinach a few weeks ago and it has reached baby spinach status and is edible any time.




The serrano peppers have shown a resurgence lately and are putting on tons of peppers.  They are hotter than previous peppers from this plant, which I love.


Serrano Peppers


The August-planted potatoes keep coming up which presents a bit of a conundrum, since I thought they had composted and planted over them.  I’ve had to move some broccoli and will need to eat some spinach to make room for them.


Unexpected Potatoes


I expect green beans and Royal Burgundy Beans soon.


Green Beans


And thankfully for those Earthboxes, I will have some tomatoes.




The Meyer Lemons are finally starting to turn yellow and they are huge, but I only have 5 or 6.  Not complaining.


Meyer Lemons

The broccoli, cabbage, broccoli raab and bok choi are all doing their thing.  Nothing to eat yet, but it won’t be too long.  I’m already anxious about getting my onions next month.  The garlic I planted earlier this week has not made an appearance yet and the few stalks of corn look fine, but I don’t expect much from because most didn’t come up.   It’s a great time to be gardening!



2 Responses to “Mid-October in an Austin Urban Garden”

  1. I just planted some lettuce seeds, and plan to put more in the ground next week. Can’t wait for the leaves! My meyer lemon trees had a crap year. Only one lemon on two trees. They tend to perform every other year for me though, so not surprised.

  2. I am very much looking forward to lettuce, since Bella Verdi left the farmer’s markets. I’m hoping for enough lemons to make preserved lemons, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough.

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