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No Grocery Store, Days 285 and 286 October 13, 2010

Just so you know, I’m not really ever going back.  To the grocery store, that is, except for avocados.  Some of the things I heard at Farm Camp, echoed everything I learned from Food, Inc. and other sources, that led me down this path.  So, I’m officially committing to never buy any meat product from a middle man.  I want to know the folks that raised it, fed it, and took it to slaughter.  Ultimately, it would be awesome if the government would allow growers to slaughter their own, but that may be a while off.  I heard a lovely story at Farm Camp, about the matriarch of the Bastrop Cattle Company.  When asked how they reconciled hand raising hogs at Green Gate Farms, then taking them to slaughter, Erin replied that it was with great sadness and reverence for the animal, and stressed how hard it was, and how horrible it was not always getting back all the cuts that lovingly hand raised animal should have provided.   But, after enumerating the local slaughterhouse problems, she told a lovely story.  She said she felt that her animals knew when they saw the red trailer that would transport them to their “transition into food” (my words), that it caused them stress.  Bastrop Cattle Company, which I’ve only ever seen at HOPE Farmer’s Market, takes their cows on a trailer ride regularly, to get them used to the trailer as a non stressful event.  I love that so much.

Back to my food.  Day 285, I had some unconventional breakfast of leftover salad which Addie brought to book club.  I think it was from the Central Market salad bar, if I remember the packaging.  Salad for breakfast – odd but it worked for me!  The day went downhill after that.  I had 2 clients who were supposed to hook up with me for Earthboxes at 1:00, and mom needed out of the house, so I swooped her up and we went to Maudies where I exhibited no good judgment or willpower.  I had a 2 taco plate with guacamole and a ridiculous amount of chips.  Dinner was incredible wood fired pizza at a Bola Pizza private party.

Day 286 I had salad for breakfast again!  I’m all about easy and it was.  Exhausted from an over scheduled life (which I enjoy immensely, don’t get me wrong), I committed to stay in for the next 6 days, until my next planned meal out.  So, for lunch, I made egg salad, with Vital Farms eggs, Texas Olive Ranch olive oil, my homemade pickles and some tarragon from the garden.  For dinner, I cooked some Richardson Farms’ ground beef with Johnson’s Backyard Garden onions,;  chile, cayenne pepper, and adobo seasonings from Penzy’s Spices online.  I had some lettuce from the SFC Farmer’s Market, and grated some Full Quiver Cheddar Cheese for a taco salad.  I put a dolop of Taco Deli Dona sauce on top as a heat filled dressing and chopped some Engel Farms tomatoes.  All in all, an inexpensive, tasty, all local light dinner, which I needed after much gluttony and ridiculousness.

Local Taco Salad

I have been making this salad since college years ago.   It is inexpensive, tasty, healthy and quick.  My go to spice, was Lawry’s Taco Seasoning, and I was curious as to its contents so I looked it up.

Not quite as bad as I expected, but I prefer to use just the spices which on their own have no sodium content, or preservatives.  And the flavor couldn’t be beat, was very fresh and had no hint of staleness, like jarred spices can have.

I’m going to try to keep this lightened up, stay at home deal going for a while, in preparation for the holiday craziness to come.


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