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No Grocery Store, Days 281 and 282 October 10, 2010

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I’m going to rush through these, so that I can get to Day 283.  Friday, I boiled an egg for breakfast, for lunch I had the special fish and chips at Cover 3 with Mom and friends, and for dinner, due to a mix up, we skipped family night and I had leftover Franklin BBQ.

Saturday, I had an early vegetable garden installation for a client in Round Rock, and was up and working at 7:00 so I missed breakfast.  Late lunch was more leftover Franklin BBQ.  Dinner was the most amazing everything from Uchiko.  I agreed to meet friends at Uchiko at 5:30 to take advantage of their early specials and I had a $25 gift certificate.  We ate the most amazing food for next to nothing.  I love that place.  Four of us split several dishes including the amazing Shag Roll, of Uchi fame, an amazing Crispy Tuna Roll, Chicken Kaarage, and several others.  What is sticking in my mind was a playful dinner menu item that included Fois and a Wild Rice Krispy.  Tyson made a very sophisticated dish, using molecular gastronomy, to come up with a wild rice krispy treat, that involved nothing resembling marshmallows.  It was genius.  We were treated to a trio of sorbet for dessert, and I fell in love with the corn sorbet.  Amazing.  Uchiko is genius, and I will go back time and again.


One Response to “No Grocery Store, Days 281 and 282”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Dude. COME WITH US TO SUPPER CLUB. Please? My treat, for your birthday. We can still take each other to Barley Swine later!

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