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No Grocery Store, Days 278-279 October 8, 2010

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Wow, I didn’t realize how behind I had gotten.  This has been a crazy week.  Day 278, Tuesday, I had some homemade yogurt for breakfast.  I don’t make my own yogurt, my friend Jamie makes it with Way Back When Dairy milk and, graciously presented me with some on Sunday.  It is so good, and so easy in the morning.   I had a business lunch at Ranch 616, and had the blackened salmon salad.  For dinner I was invited to attend National Night Out featuring Bola Pizza, at the home of Christian and Jamie.  It was a very well attended event and I wish my neighborhood participated.  We were visited by police, EMS and the Fire Department.  Eventually, the next block got wind of wood fired pizza (they were having hot dogs) and some of them migrated over for some cheesy goodness.

Day 279, I had more yogurt for breakfast.  My mom and I had lunch at Julio’s, which is right down from Antonelli’s cheese, where I needed to procure some cheese for a wine tasting event at my house.  I had a roasted chicken taco.  I love everything about Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, but it is amazing to be able to go in with an event in mind, and let their expertise and passion for cheese guide you to the right choices.   Amazing place.  Dinner was mostly said cheese.  I hosted a Wine at Home shopping event for a friend, and by the time it was all said and done and cleaned up, I didn’t want anything else for dinner.  Full disclosure – I hosted this party for a friend, it wasn’t my party, so I didn’t stick to just local cheese.  I didn’t know any of the attendees, and didn’t want to force my “all local” business on them.  The cheeses I purchased were my favorite non-local cheeses, Humboldt Fog, Carr Valley Menage, Cabot Cloth Bound Cheddar, and Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve.  All amazing cheeses which complimented the wines perfectly. (I thought)

Antonelli's Cheese

Antonelli's Cheese Saves the Day

Antonelli's has Crackers and Bread too

Ready for Wine


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