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No Grocery Store, Days 273-275 – Peached Tortilla! October 3, 2010

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I’ve fallen off the No Grocery Store and need to catch up.  Allergies make looking at the computer screen, nearly unbearable of late.

Day 273, Breakfast was a Kocurek breakfast sausage patty.  I skipped lunch.  Dinner was leftover Kocurek Cazuelas Stew.

Day 274, Breakfast was a Kocurek breakfast sausage patty.  Lunch was at a new trailer I’d been hearing raves about, Peached Tortilla.    The trailer was downtown in my neighborhood, so I decided to go try it.  I ordered 1 Banh Mi taco on a corn tortilla and a Fried Catfish taco on corn as well.  Both were really good, but the Ban Mi stood out.  The flavors were really well thought out and balanced, between heat, sweet and a tiny bit of sour to balance the fat of the pork belly.   I saw a Yelp review of this trailer that said that it was “overpriced for trailer food, like most trailers.”  This isn’t trailer food, it is really good, high quality food; well thought out and well prepared, and it  happens to be achieved in a trailer.  I’ll be back for everything on the menu.  Family dinner was at Jasper’s, and I had the salmon and polenta.  It is always good.

Day 275 – Allergy Hell, and Football Hell day.  I had a Taco Deli Bison taco at the Farmer’s Market.  For late lunch, I picked up Beef Fajitas and Chile Con Queso  from Hula Hut for my parents and their company, and I had both.  Hula Hut has the best queso in town, and their fajitas are good, but I’m not a huge fan of much else, besides the location, the proximity to my house and the lake view.  It certainly works in a pinch, when most of the students are in Dallas, for sure.  Dinner was the Mushroom Ravioli at Blue Dahlia with a friend for belated birthday dinner.  See? I managed to make my birthday month, extend past a month.  And I’ve packed on the pounds to prove it.  Still dialing it back for the days to come and exercising more.


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