Austin Urban Gardens

Raised Bed Gardening and Eating Well in Austin, Texas

No Grocery Store, Days 271 and 272 September 30, 2010

Day 271 I was good and managed a soft boiled Vital Farms egg for breakfast.  I’m not a huge fan of soft boiled eggs, but sometimes you just don’t leave them on long enough.  I spent the after noon working on the Austin Wine Merchant edible landscape gardens and didn’t eat lunch.   For dinner, I cooked a Richardson Farms ribeye in the smoker on high, which is quicker than firing up the Big Green Egg, and had that steak with a lettuce and onion salad.  Lettuce from the farmer’s market, my garden onion and Texas Olive Ranch oil and vinegar.

Day 272, I had pre-cooked some Kocurek breakfast sausage and bacon the previous night in an effort to make breakfast quicker.  So, for breakfast, 2 Kocurek breakfast sausage patties.  Lunch was Falafal Crusted Trout at Cafe Josie, a last minute lunch plan with a friend.  Then I had to drive to Karnes City to pick up my mother.  I barely made it back in time for the Triangle Farmer’s Market, but managed to get some eggs and pork ribs from Richardson Farms, and some Cazuelas Stew from the Kocureks.  This stew is what I had for dinner.  This Spanish stew is evocative of a French Cassoulet, the base being white beans, herbs and richly flavored with duck bacon, morcilla, and sausage.  It was good, and perfect to heat up on a night when I was exhausted.


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