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Late September in an Austin Urban Garden September 29, 2010

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Finally Fall is here, and we are actually having Fall-like weather!    Gardening is enjoyable again, and I’ve been doing as much as I can.  So, the 4x8x12 bed in the back yard is full.

Small raised bed in back

This is the raised bed in which I planted potatoes in August.  Nothing ever came up, so I assumed they had composted and planted over them.  Now, some of them are coming up.  Go figure.  I’ll deal with that later.  In this bed, broccoli seeds, broccoli transplants, bok choi, a volunteer tomato, broccoli raab, and lettuce in the back.  And maybe potatoes.

The big bed is now heavily seeded for lettuce, and spinach and still has some peppers, cabbage, some not thriving Fall tomatoes, and the lemon cucumber which is flowering but not setting fruit as of yet.  There is another either lemon cucumber or butternut squash that had failed to thrive, but is starting to perk up.  It didn’t like the heat, but the cool weather is making it happy.

Large bed in back

Lemon Cucumber Flowers

The raised garden under my bedroom window is full of Royal Burgundy Beans, which appear to be starting to flower.  I can’t wait to see these purple beans!

Royal Burgundy Beans

The wood beds on the side are looking pretty good too.  This will house loads of onions all winter, so any production in the Fall is a bonus.  In this bed, the latest planting of corn, all of which did not come up, and some Blue Lake Green Beans.

Corn and Green Beans

Beans put nitrogen into the soil and are a perfect companion plant to corn, which in turn needs nitrogen to thrive.

The tomatoes in both the raised bed and my Earthbox are not thriving.  I’m not sure why.   So, I’m not optimistic for Fall tomatoes.  Hopefully, some of the local farms are having better luck.  At least I was able to make lots of sauces and freeze them for winter.

The heat loving Serrano Pepper plant, is enjoying the cooler weather, and is continuing to set peppers.

Serrano Peppers

The basil on the patio is still going gangbusters, and will do for one more round of pesto making.



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