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Edible Landscape at Austin Wine Merchant – Update September 28, 2010

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Last week, we planted the first of the Edible Landscape at the Austin Wine Merchant.  Part of the back garden is still shaded by a big tree: but the sunlight will change as the tree begins to lose its leaves.  So, the West garden, which is the 3 Lettuce, Mesclun mix and Arugula garden is coming up.  Most seeds take closer to 10 days to come up, but many have sprouted after just 8 days.

Preliminary Lettuce

Based on where the lettuce seedlings had emerged, I filled in all the gaps with new seeds.  This will fill out the entire area with food, and will look really great as well.  I also planted Beet seeds at the far North end of this space.

The Spinach had started to come up, in spite of several  young ladies scaling the wall behind the garden, and trampling the seedlings before my eyes.  They were unimpressed when I fussed that they were trampling a garden full of food.   They continued their trampling on their way back through their garden shortcut, and I aimed the high powered hose at them, to make a point, but did not pull the trigger.  Wish I had.


The Broccoli seedlings look great, but the seeds are just starting to emerge and hard to see in light of falling leaves.

Broccoli Seedlings

In all honesty, it is too early after initial planting to be taking pictures and hailing successes.  I think I’ll wait another two weeks to document the progress again.   So far, all is going great, and I’m as pleased as I can be with this, my favorite garden project.


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