Austin Urban Gardens

Raised Bed Gardening and Eating Well in Austin, Texas

No Grocery Store, Days 264 and 265 September 23, 2010

Day 264 I actually ate breakfast, yay me.  1 boiled egg.  For lunch, I made a simple salad with farmer’s market lettuce, onion and Texas Olive Ranch Basalmic Vinegar and Olive Oil.  Pre-dinner, I attended a Texas Food and Wine Foundation Members Happy Hour at Paggi House, and snacked on olives, cheese and a little duck confit.    For dinner later, 2 scrambled eggs with garden peppers.  I love a dinner that costs less than $1.  Eggs are amazing.

Day 265 and I managed breakfast again.  1 boiled egg.  I didn’t however eat lunch, I was running around and it just didn’t happen.  For dinner, I roasted a Smith and Smith Farms chicken, with Cayenne and Adobo seasoning, and had chicken, Lowell Farms brown rice, and a salad.


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